Welcome to BPH Health

BPH-Health is a web site specifically designed to help inform patients and their families all about Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, more commonly called (BPH) and the range of therapies that are available for you today. Being informed allows you the patient, to make the best choice of treatment depending upon your specific situation. This web site is not intended to replace your physician, but to educate you on all aspects of BPH so that you can discuss with your urologist what the best treatment option is for you.

The objective is to produce a clear open channel through the prostate to allow the bladder to completely void without any side effects. Some of the treatment therapies have major disadvantages because they require a long catheterization time, cause excessive pain and can lead to sexual dysfunction.

There are five main treatment protocols that are used today by Urologist for the treatment of BPH.  The selection of the treatment protocol will depend upon the size of the prostate. For a small prostate, medication may be the best solution however this only slows down the growth of the prostate. What is needed is to select a treatment therapy with little or no side effects that will allow you to return to a quality standard of life in the shortest period of time.

The use of surgical lasers for the treatment of BPH has evolved over the last twenty years, with new technology improving the design of the surgical laser such that the side effects are minimal. This web site will provide information regarding what BPH is, its causes, treatment options and what to expect during your surgery.

The objective is to provide a safe effective procedure with minimal side effects that allow you to return to a normal life style as quickly as possible.